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 Case Digest

Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940
Section 17-Misbranded drugs
Section 17-Misbranded drugs
Drugs not labelled in prescribed manner are deemed to be misbranded within the meaning of Section 17(e) - Not a single bottle bore any label. The name of the manufacturer, licence number, the batch number and other mandatory particulars required by Rule 96 were conspicuous by their absence. Thus, it is abundantly clear that the respondents cannot escape the consequences of his act in stocking a misbranded drug in violation of Section 18(a ) ( ii) of the Act.
State of Maharashtra, Appellant V. J.S. Ujawane, Respondent, Criminal Appeal No.13 of 1975, decided on 15/6/1978, Bombay High Court, (Nagpur bench), Lentin and Joshi JJ., 1979 CRI.L.J. 530 : 1979 Mh.
Section 17-Misbranded drugs
The word ‘place’ is not a synonym for country and definitely connotes different meaning from the word country - The word ‘place’ is not a synonym for country. The word definitely connotes different meaning from the word country. Where the product of one town is being described as the product of another town it amounts to misbranding within the meaning of Section 17(b).
Dharam Deo Gupta, Applicant V. State, Respondent, Cri. Rev. No. 14 of 1956 decided on 27th March 1958, All. High Court ( Lucknow Bench), A.N.Mulla., J.,1979 FAC-6-183:AIR1958All1863


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