DrugsControl Media Services


For booking advertisements on this site, please send your Query. The rates of advertisement are as under:

[1]. Plan-I: Top Slide Show Banner (Appears on top of home page and subsequent pages and repeated at fixed intervals, File Size: 1000 x 200 Pixels, Number of Slides: 1 of 8)

(1).  Rs 5000 for 1 month

(2).  Rs 10000 for 3 months

(3).  Rs 15000 for 6 months

(4).  Rs 20000 for 1 year


[2]. Plan-II: Right Side Banner-Fixed (Appears on right side of home page, file size: 200 x 130 Pixels)

(1).  Rs 2000 for 1 month

(2).  Rs 3500 for 3 months

(3).  Rs 5000 for 6 months

(4).  Rs 8000 for 1 year


Banner designing charges:

Plan-I : Rs. 500 per banner.

Plan-II : Rs. 350 per banner.

No extra cost is to be paid if the banner is provided by you.


Important note : Please send email at info@drugscontrol.org your details like Name, Email ID, Mobile number with Cheque number, Cheque’s bank name, Date of Cheque.

To learn more about how your business can access the drugscontrol.org advantage or for more information contact us.