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Taking the buyers for a ride

(1).   Normal soap is enough to deal with bacteria : - A recent Australian study found that people using antibacterial kitchen sprays, floor cleaners, liquid soap and laundry powder got sick just as often as a group that used regular cleaning products.Another US study shows that antibacterial soaps also don't reduce infections any more than non-medicated soaps. Researchers from Columbia University in New York, who examined manufacturers' claims that these so called antibacterial products reduce infections, concluded otherwise.In the study, half of the households received products containing antibacterial ingredients, including triclosan, quaternary ammonium compounds and oxygenated bleach. The other half received identical compounds but without the antibacterial agents. Over 48 weeks the researchers tracked the number of reported infections such as running nose, cough, sore throat, fever, vomiting and diarrhea. The households with the antibacterial products reported just as many infections as the households with the regular products.The most important factor in preventing illness is personal hygiene-washing and drying your hands-and normal soap is enough to deal with bacteria.
Domex, New Domex Thick, Domex 2-in-1 Phenolic Cleaner, Harpic, Lizol etc claim that their products kill germs and bacteria.

(2).   Herbal remedy is no cure for a cold : - The herbal remedy, Echinacea, guaranteed by many as the best remedy of cold and flu, is ineffective in fighting with cold virus.According to Daily Mail, the study conducted by Dr. Sperber has been published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.For the study, some people were given Echinacea and some placebo, and after that they were subjected to cold virus. Nine out of 10 persons in both the groups, showed symptoms of bad cold."The medications may not be standardized from one brand to another. The particular components of the plant and the amounts of active ingredients may not be the same. Echinacea is not regulated the same as an approved drug." Sperber said."The results clearly show Echinacea is useless. Although widely used, a number of well-designed studies show it not to be effective in preventing the common cold. The cold is an illness that affects everybody and for which there is no scientifically proven cure," he said.
Echinaceae radix u. folium

(3).   US FTC Charges Liberty QVC Shopping Channel on Ads : - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said on Wednesday it has charged Liberty Media Corp.'s QVC television shopping channel with making false claims for weight-loss products.The company had agreed in June 2000 to back up its claims with scientific evidence, the FTC said, making it liable for penalties of up to $11,000 per violation. QVC violated that order by claiming that its For Women Only "Zero Fat" pills prevent absorption of dietary fat, the FTC said.The company also made unsubstantiated claims for a variety of other pills, drinks and bars that supposedly help weight loss or boost energy, the FTC said.The FTC said it was seeking civil penalties, consumer redress, and other penalties against Liberty.A spokesman for the Englewood, Colorado, media company was not immediately available for comment.

(4).   Walker contraption : - The advertisement for morning Walker appeared in gujarati & English dailies with testimonials from customers claiming to cure obesity, diabetes, spondylitis, arthritis, digestive disorders, insomnia, cardiopulmonary diseases & more was investigated by the Consumer Education & Research Centre (CERC), Suraksha Sankul, thaltej, Ahmedabad- Gandhinagar highway, Ahmedabad-380054, email: cerc.ahd@cerc.sprintrpg.sprint.com. Though the manufacturer claimed that reputed medical Institutions certified the Product, including the Japanese Medical Affairs Bureau the company could not provide any proof. Also, doctors confirm that’ no work machines cannot be a substitute for proper exercise and dieting.

(5).   Micro massage stimulator : - Another ad offers “ Micro Massage Stimulator” for Rs 7600 for breast enlargement. The ad claim the product is from Netherlands & is approved by US Food & Drug administration. Stimulators or exercise cannot enlarge breast size as per doctors.

(6).   Selecting the of a Child : - An ad for selecting the of a child with a Gen-select Kit priced at Rs. 7000 is unscientific and illegal as per Gynecologists. The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has ordered the ad to be discontinued. If you find an ad objectionable, write to the ASCI, 205,Bombay Market, Tardeo Road, Mumbai-400034, Phone 022-493 6863, 493 7066, email contact@ascionline.org enclosing a clipping of the ad.

(7).   “Antacids” Fails In Acid Test : - A new Study on antacids has added fuel to the fire on their effectiveness, published in the consumer magazine ‘Insight’. The study, which employed a glass stomach simulator, tested 35 brands of four Categories of antacids. While most brands gave relief within minutes, the maximum relief any antacid offers is only for up to 52 minutes. The popular ENO Fruit Salt beat all other with a 52-minute efficacy. While Digene Gel and Dey’s Milk of Magnesia in the liquid category clocked 30 minutes. The best buy according to the study is Visco Chewable tablets with 22 minutes and lower price.

(8).   Immuno-QR : - Kerala’s highest income tax payer (Rs. 1.5 Crore) and selling “ wonder herbal cure” immuno-QR, built a marble palace recently at the cost of Rs. 5.5 Crore and aptly named it “ Virus” to show the world the popularity of his medicine and the money he made from it. The first blow came when his showpiece, Chitra, India’s first HIV positive woman, whom Majid claimed to have cured, died last year. Next came a High Court order restraining him from manufacturing any medicine, including the AIDS drug “ Immuno-QR” last month, the Kerala Government’s Drugs Controller raided his office and seized medicines made without licence. Majid on his part has now submitted an Application for Manufacturing 10 new medicines that include drugs for cataract, TB, bedsore, asthma, hepatitis-B and psoriasis.

(9).   Viga, a dietary supplement found to contain Sildenafil : - Best Life International warned consumers not to purchase or consume the product known as Viga. This product, which is being marketed as a dietary supplement, contains the unlabeled drug ingredient sildenafil, which may pose possible serious health risks to some users. Viga is sold in bottles of 30 tablets which are distributed by Best Life International Inc. This product is being promoted for increasing desire, confidence and Sexual performance. The product is sold without medical prescription.
The interaction between nitrates and sildenafil can result in profound and life-threatening lowering of blood pressure. The use of nitrates in any form is an absolute contraindication for sildenafil users. The potential for this product to be taken by unknowing nitrate users is real, since erectile dysfunction is often a concurrent condition in patients with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, smokers and patients with ischemic heart disease.
Read the 2003 MedWatch safety alert, including a link to the company press release concerning the voluntary recall, at:

(10).   UnFairness cream : - Perhaps you’ve seen the ad, the one in which Minissha Lamba’s glow is so noticeable, ballet dancers are distracted mid-performance. If you haven’t, you can watch it below (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wuSlCnzAEY).
Toward the end of the advertisement, you’ll notice that Oxy Life Bleach “gives natural fairness” and “contains no ammonia”. ASCI ruled that the first was without proof and the second was absurd because ammonia is unavoidable, as it is produced when the ingredients in the package are mixed together.


Contact for any complaint related to misleading advertisements: -

Consumer Education & Research Centre (CERC), Suraksha Sankul, thaltej, Ahmedabad- Gandhinagar highway, Ahmedabad-380052, email : cerc@cercindia.org

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), 717/B, AURUS Chambers, S S Amrutwar Marg, Worli, Mumbai-400018, Tel: 91-22-24955077, Toll Free: 1-800-22-2724 (ASCI), contact@ascionline.org


Diseases And Ailments (By Whatever Name Described) Which A Drug May Not Purport To Prevent For Cure or Make Claims To Prevent or Cure as per Schedule J of Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945 & prohibition of advertisements of certain drugs as per Drugs And Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954

Schedule J

(Rule 106)

Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945


[Sections 39(d) and 14]

Drugs And Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954

Diseases And Ailments (By Whatever Name Described) Which A Drug May Not Purport To Prevent For Cure or Make Claims To Prevent or Cure


27. Insanity

1. Appendicitis

28. Hydrocele

2. Angina Pectoris

28. Increase in brain capacity and improvement of memory

2. Arteriosclerosis

29. Hysteria

3. Appendicitis

29. Improvement in height of Children/ adults

3. Blindness

30. Infantile Paralysis

4. Arteriosclerosis

30.Improvement in size and shape of the Sexual organ and in duration of Sexual performance

4. Blood poisoning


5. Baldness

31. Improvement in the strength of the natural teeth

5. Bright’s disease


6. Blindness

32. Improvement in vision

6. Cancer

33. Leucoderma

7. Bronchial Asthma

33. Jaundice/ Hepatitis/ Liver Disorders

7. Cataract

34. Lockjaw

8. Cancer and Benign Tumour

34. Leukemia

8. Deafness

35. Locomotor Ataxia

9. Cataract

35. Leukoderma

9. Diabetes

36. Lupus

10. Change in colour of the hair and growth of new hair

36. Maintenance or improvement of the capacity of the human beings for Sexual pleasure

10. Diseases and disorders of the brain

37. Nervous debility

11. Change of foetal by drugs

37. Mental retardation, subnormalities and growth

11. Disease and disorders of the optical system

38. Obesity

12. Congenital malformations

38. Myocardial infarction

12. Diseases and disorders of the uterus system

39. Paralysis

13. Deafness

39. Obesity

13. Disorders of menstrual flow

40. Plague

14. Diabetes

40. Paralysis

14. Disorders of the nervous system

41. Pleurisy

15. Diseases and Disorders of uterus

41. Parkinsonism

15. Disorders of the prostatic gland

42. Pneumonia

16. Epileptic fits and psychiatric disorders

42. Piles and Fistulae

16. Dropsy

43. Rheumatism

17. Encephalitis

43. Power to rejuvinate

17. Epilepsy

44. Ruptures

18. Fairness of the skin

44. Premature ageing

18. Female diseases (in general)

45. Sexual Impotence

19. Form, Structure of breast

45. Premature graying of hair

19. Fevers (in general)

46. Smallpox

20. Gangrene

46. Rheumatic Heart Diseases

20. Fits

47. Stature of persons

21. Genetic disorders

47. Sexual impotence, premature ejaculation and spermatorrhoea

21. Form and structures of the female bust

48. Sterility in women

22. Glaucoma

48. Spondylitis

22. Gallstones, kidney stones and bladder stones

49. Trachoma

23. Goitre

49. Stammering

23. Gangrene

50. Tuberculosis

24. Hernia

50. Stones in gall-bladder, kidney, bladder

24. Glaucoma

51. Tumours

25.High/ Low Blood Pressure

51. Vericose Vein

25. Goitre

52. Typhoid fever



26. Heart diseases

53. Ulcers of the gastro-intestinal tract



27. High or Low Blood Pressure

54. Venereal diseases, including syphilis, gonorrhoea, soft chancre venereal granuloma and lympho granuloma